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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlimited issuance of virtual cards that link well and allow payments with all ads accounts (Facebook, GoogleAds, Tik Tok Ads, etc.) and for any other payments online.

There are 2 types of cards:

«Universal» «Advertising»
suitable for any online payments suitable only for payments on media platforms (Facebook, Google, TikTok Ads, Snapchat, Taboola, Bing, etc.)
Our cards have high trust and are compatible with all advertising services. We are actively fighting against actions that affect credability between our cards and media platforms (for example the declined payment strategy with fb). Accounts that violate the company's policy may be blocked.
Payments in favor of companies in the Russian Federation, Ukraine are prohibited due to the bank's policy. However, it is possible to pay companies from these countries in case their merchant is located elsewhere. For example, Yandex has a branch in Switzerland (Yandex.Direct Lucern CH). Payments to Yandex in this case are allowed.
  • Click the issue button.
  • Sign in or sign up.
  • Choose the "Cards" section, "Issue a card" subsection.
  • Choose the type of the card you are interested in and click the issue button.
  • Enter the amount to deposit a card.
  • Confirm the terms of service.
  • Click “Issue” button.
Account verification allows you to issue unlimited number of cards.
A minimum deposit amount for personal account replenishment is 50.00 USD. When issuing a card, the minimum deposit amount is 30.00 USD.
Bank identification number, it defines the payment system of the card (Visa, MS, etc.), the country of the issued card, the bank that issued the card, etc. You can independently check our bins using any binchecker (for example:
We offer to top up the cards in USD.
At the moment, you can top up the balance using BTC and USDT (TRC-20) or using Wire (for this you need to request details from a personal manager).
The card will be issued immediately.

Card issuance is free. Card monthly maintenance cost:

«Universal» «Advertisment»
15 USD per month 10 USD per month

Also, the service charges a single commission of 2%, regardless of account replenishment amount.

In this case, your card will be blocked without further possibility to unlock it. For your convenience, use the auto-top-up card option.
When the card is issued, you will be asked to add an option for automatic replenishment of the card. If you did not use this function and wish to do it later, you need to open "Cards" section, select the card you need and click "Auto-top-up". Enter the required amount and click "Save".
Our cards do not support 3D security (SMS-confirmation of transactions).